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﷯What made you decide to purchase an apartment at Virtuoso? We currently live at Aspley in a 5 bedroom house and we wanted to downsize. A colleague that I used to work with actually lived in the building next to Virtuoso (Riverpoint, developed by Stockwell). We were having a look around one weekend and we went in there and met Liz and she said unfortunately the Riverfront apartments in Riverpoint were sold out but she said well you know we are looking at purchasing the old building next to us the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and I just had a big grin to my husband and Liz picked up on it and she said “what’s that for” and I said well I used to work there and I still actually work for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. I think it was just meant to be. Do you feel because of your previous work with QLD Symphony Orchestra you were drawn to the location? I know it’s a fabulous location. My office was right there on the river overlooking the View. I loved having the afternoon sun come in. I know how great it is. I actually looked yesterday and I found an aerial picture of the studios in the 2011 floods and the building did not flood at all, it didn’t even go into the carpark. I think it’s a great opportunity to buy in a fantastic area. How will you and your family enjoy your new apartment? We are very excited about downsizing into an apartment and living very close to the city something that really I guess captured us was that it’s pet friendly. We have a dog and we can still walk outside and have that bit of freedom with the courtyard. There is a grandparents lawn which Mark Stockwell when we met him at the launch he said “we’re calling this the grandparents lawn” which to us at the time didn’t mean anything but it does now because we are going to be grandparents. Our daughter-in-law is due in October we are certainly looking forward to having our grandson over there running around on the grandparent’s lawn - it’ll be great. What do you think will be the best thing about living at Virtuoso? Apart from being a beautiful, new, fantastic apartment, the best thing for me is not having to drive all the way from Aspley every day, I still work at the orchestra at South Bank now and I am just so over that drive every day, so inner city living is going to be amazing. Having everything at our you know fingertips all the restaurants and all of the great facilities that are already in West End but and I’m sure are going to continue to be built.

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