DISCLAIMER The photographs, illustrations, tables and text on this website (“Information”) shows the architectural and artists’ designs and impressions of Virtuoso at the time of publication which are for presentation purposes and are indicative only. The Information is intended as a guide only and is subject to change without notice. Fixtures, finishes and furniture contained in the renders are illustrative only and are not included in the sale of any Lot or as part of the purchase price of any Lot. Colours are indicative only and may vary to colours in the finished Lot. The location of fixtures and fittings may vary to the finished Lot. Windows may vary in location and size as to what will be provided in the finished Lot. Prospective buyers should refer to the Contract of Sale and accompanying Disclosure Documentation for complete and accurate details of the schedule of finishes for a particular Lot. Prospective buyers should also make their own thorough enquiries as to the accuracy and details of the Information and must make their own decisions about the relevance, accuracy, currency, completeness and reliability of the Information as details contained within the Information are subject to change without notice. Whilst great care has been taken in compiling the Information which has been collated from numerous sources, no warranty, guarantee or promise is given as to its accuracy. The Seller, Agent and Developer, including Stockwell Development Group Pty Ltd, Stockwell Property Management Pty Ltd, GPF4 Ferry Rd Pty Ltd and Stockwell ABC Pty Ltd, do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of the Information, and under no circumstances take responsibility or accept legal liability whatsoever arising from or in connection with any action taken by prospective buyers in reliance on the Information.

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